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40 Grinding

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It adopts international advanced equipment and advanced production technology: the heating furnace is a walking beam type, adopts high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly double regenerative high-temperature combustion technology, and uses low calorific value blast furnace gas as fuel to greatly reduce fuel consumption. It has the characteristics of fast heating speed and good heating quality.
There are a total of 18 rolling mills in the whole line. In order to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the products, there are 6 sets of loopers in the finishing mill. After finishing rolling, there is a water-cooling device, which can realize full-line torsion-free rolling. Three-split rolling is used to produce φ10~φ16 rebar; two-split rolling technology is used to produce φ18~φ22 rebar. Among them, φ22 two-section rolling is the first in China, and it owns this technology exclusively. The cutting and rolling capacity is at the domestic leading level. The main drive of the rolling line adopts a fully digitally controlled DC motor, which can realize full-line automatic operation, and the maximum rolling speed can reach 18m/s. The raw materials used were continuous casting slabs, all of which were supplied by heat.
The main product specifications are national standard II, national standard III, British standard, Japanese standard, plus Φ10-Φ40 specifications of straight steel rebar, round steel.
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