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What is the cause of bubbles in the straightener?

Kejie News
2018/09/11 17:46
In general, in order to ensure the quality, we often neglect some relatively small oscillation marks. Many brothers think that there will be no oscillating marks on large equipment, but in the case of Shandong straightening machine, he also has oscillation marks. So what is the cause of the oscillation marks and bubbles?
There are many reasons for the occurrence of oscillating marks, such as inaccurate calibration of the zero position, inappropriate depth of the straightening roller, and skewing of the device. Of course, what we have seen is still that the depth of the fine roller is not correct. We can use the constant residual stress of the strip to reduce the flatness of the plate. No matter the depth of the fine roller is not correct, it will cause the strip to show an oscillating mark. It was originally due to fine correction.
So what is the reason for the Shandong straightening machine to have bubbles? Perhaps because of his deoxidation, if the steel is more than 0.008% when it is dissolved, it can be excellent to avoid bubble appearance. The overheating of molten steel is too great, and the air enters the water in two oxidations. There is water seepage on the top of the crystallizer, too much oil, etc. These will cause the Shandong straightening machine to have bubbles.
The above is what Xiaobian shared with you about the reasons for the bubbles in the Shandong straightening machine. I hope that it will help everyone.