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Main problems during the commissioning of Centerless Lathe and their solutions

Kejie News
2018/09/04 10:27
1. Spiral traces of equal gaps
Reason: The edge of the grinding wheel, the poor adjustment of the guide plate, the high dressing speed, the damage and wear of the diamond, the looseness of the diamond retainer, etc. are all reasons for the spiral marks of the centerless grinding machine.
Countermeasure: The edge of the grinding wheel is tapered to make the guide plates parallel. Reduce the dressing speed, reduce the amount of feed, change the contact surface of the diamond or exchange the diamond holder.
2, equal or unequal gap fine lines
Cause: Poor trimming and external vibration.
Countermeasure: Start trimming from the edge of the grinding wheel, and trim the speed to maintain a certain vibration edge.
3, the surface of the light left a scar
Reason: The hardness of the control panel is too large, and the surface of the control panel is attached or fused with small pieces that are ground as scraps or grinding wheels.
Countermeasure: The control board should be changed to soft cooling water and infiltrated with soluble cutting oil.
The above is the main problem that Xiaobian shared with you about the unscrupulous lathe debugging and its solution. I hope it will help everyone.