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Yantai Kejie CNC Co., Ltd.
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Company Profile

Yantai Kejie CNC Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in the production of round steel finishing equipment such as centerless lathes and straightening calenders. The product is used for round steel stripping, precision straightening and calendering. It is a special equipment for the new generation of slender shaft, silver bright steel (bright material), bar and steel pipe finishing.
The centerless lathe and straightening calender produced by the company have the characteristics of simple operation, low noise and fast processing speed. The automatic production line of the centerless lathe and the straightening calender unit strips and precisely straightens the long round metal such as slender shaft, rod, rod, plate, steel pipe, etc., and produces high-precision high-quality metal bright material, which is an alternative to the traditional cold drawing. , pickling process, as well as the best upgrade choice for the combination of turning and uncentered (rough) grinding machines for ordinary lathes.
The company has always adhered to the "integrity, quality, efficiency, professional" work philosophy; with professional technology, excellent quality, punctual delivery, perfect service to meet the different needs of our customers. The company has a dedicated R&D department and after-sales service team, which can provide professional solutions according to the different needs of customers, and continuously introduce innovative technologies to introduce more advanced new products. In the future, we will, as always, adhere to the enterprise tenet of "Quality First, Credit First, and Service", and establish a brand-new banner in the machining industry with advanced technology, high-quality products and caring services.
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